Whether you are a student at secondary or university level or you are already working for a company, organization or run your own business, there are multiple ways of how to get involved in our PEN community. Have a look at our general options or feel free to approach us with your individual ideas!

The PEN Events Team is part of the international Coordination Center of PEN Worldwide and the Worldwide Practice Enterprise Network which is a registered non-profit association based in Essen, Germany.

Our association’s mission is to:

  • constantly strive to improve practice-based education across the world
  • help students, unemployed, people with disabilities, disadvantaged groups and employed persons strengthen their entrepreneurship & business skills.

Our non-profit association is financed through membership fees as well as European and international project-based funding. All funds are used 100% to provide support and enhance our offering for our Practice Enterprise participants.

We’re always looking for support to strengthen our non-profit objectives. There are multiple ways on how to support the inclusive entrepreneurship training and our PEN Events Team is as flexible as the Practice Enterprise concept and always welcomes new ideas.